10am to 1pm: Exhibitors Material Delivery


• Heavy Boxes should be delivered from 10am to 1pm. Carriers will be available to transport your material to lockers, only during this time. For your convenience, accreditation is available during this period. Entrance with boxes or heavy material is not allowed after 1pm.

• Light Material can be brought daily as carry on by Exhibitors. 4pm to 7pm: Exhibitors and VIP Buyers Accreditation For all Exhibitors & VIP Buyers attending the show.


5pm to 6:30pm: Opening Ceremony

Limited seats available! Exclusive for Exhibitors and VIP Buyers.

  • Host: Pedro Andrade TV presenter of lifestyle
  • Speaker: Leticia Abraham – Future trends of Latam Consumers on luxury travels – Executive VP of WGSN Latam
  • Speaker: Marina Person – Brazilian travel habits Movie Director and Actress


7pm to 9pm

Welcome Cocktail For all Exhibitors, VIP Buyers, Press and High-End Final Consumers, by invitation only. Travelweek Sao Paulo welcomes Exhibitors, VIP Buyers and High-end Final Consumers to the Welcome Cocktail, aiming to inspire top qualified and discerning clients for their future travel experiences. Exhibitors are expected to stay in their WorkStations to present their products and welcome the Final Consumers.


Exhibitors are welcome to offer catalogues and amenities, but in respect to our VIP Buyers, it is not permitted to distribute business cards, neither offer special rates nor any other form to persuade direct bookings from Final Consumers.


DMC Information

DMC’s delegates are invited and welcome to participate at the Welcome Cocktail as guests. DMC’s formal activities start on Wednesday, May 4th, when their WorkStations are ready.


9am to 5:55pm

Full day of Pre-Scheduled Appointments Travelweek Sao Paulo’s Agenda features every participant schedule for the day, including pre-arranged meetings, lunch time, breaks and time available for free networking or to schedule extra meetings.


Breaks: all participants have a pre-scheduled 25-minutes break in the morning or afternoon. Please check your Agenda to view the designated times.

Lunch Break: all participants have a pre-scheduled lunch break of 01h15, divided in 3 different seating times. Please check your Agenda to view the designated times.


5pm to 7pm

Happy Hours Offered by Small Luxury Hotels of the World on 1st floor lounge.


Travelweek Sao Paulo Casual FRI-YAY!

Come to work wearing your flip-flops! Flip-flops will be offered to all Exhibitors & VIP Buyers on Thursday, May 5th 2016.

Please consult Travelweek’s Team to pick up yours.

9am to 5:55pm Full day of Pre-Scheduled Appointments


Lunch Break

9pm to 3am: Take me to Samba – Travelweek Party

Inspired by Brazil’s most popular annual festival, Carnaval, this year’s Travelweek Sao Paulo farewell party will celebrate with Samba


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